Media buying

We partner with clients to conceptualise, plan and execute targeted, data-driven programmatic campaigns using the best global advertising technologies. No matter where your audience is, we will reach them.

MARK1 has been at the forefront of Programmatic Buying in South Africa since its introduction into the market here. Our expert Programmatic Trading Desk is dedicated to providing only the highest level of service and world class delivery. We build and deliver the most advanced, data-driven strategies to help our clients identify, target, acquire and retain customers.

As leaders in our field, we take pride in every single campaign we work on and deliver unparalleled results across all marketing channels and platforms

Connect with your target audience across all of their digital devices using our cross-screen capabilities.
Mobile has become the primary device of choice for all consumers. Whether they’re browsing or shopping, we offer tailored advertising solutions across mobile web browsers and in-app advertising.
We can reach people on their desktops or laptops – whether it’s PC or Mac, whether they’re on Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
Digital video has skyrocketed and is on the brink of surpassing TV as the main way people consume video content – it’s a great way to reach your audience and we can help you do this.
We have pre-packaged audiences based on people’s interests, demographics and behavioral data that they have demonstrated across a multitude of disparate, reputable, publishers. Leveraging these pre-defined audiences alongside your campaign strategy will measurably improve campaign results.
Although digital audio is still in its infancy, it presents an incredible opportunity to reach customers on an exciting new platform.

Technology Partnerships


Target your customer on any screen, whether it’s on their mobile, laptop or tablet.

We offer a variety of ad formats including Standard Display, High Impact Rich Media (HTML5), Pre-Roll as well as Interactive Video.

Using geo-targeting technology we are able to engage with people within specific areas. Target people when they’re in or around your area of business or around specific activations.
Time Of Day
Optimize your campaign to deliver ads at the time of day your target audience is most likely to take action.
With contextual targeting, advertisers are able to target the context and content that they are able to show up against. Technology allows for the text on websites to be scanned, that way if the article/content is relevant to the brand, the ad shows up. This can also be used to make sure brands do not show up next to content that would be undesirable. Advertisers can use keywords and negative keywords for this.
Using the IAB’s vertical taxonomy, advertisers are able to target specific categories to align themselves with. Ads can be placed on websites that adhere to specific verticals such as Finance, Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle etc.
We’re able to set up “whitelists” of sites you’d like to specifically display your ad on or “blocklists” for websites you’d like to avoid.



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