We have been at the forefront of technology and data-driven digital marketing in South Africa since 2009.

The backbone of our business being our expert Ad Operations and Data teams which have delivered exceptional results for a large amount of the biggest advertisers across many countries in Africa and the world.

We’ve continuously evolved to stay ahead of the pack, developing our offering beyond just Paid Media. Today we provide clients a full service offering, incorporating every major solution there is in digital.


Paid Media

With an extensive history in paid media, we have perfected the art of digital marketing. We partner with clients and use our expertise to exceed their objectives through our suite of services including: Programmatic Media Buying, Social Media Advertising and Paid Search.

Strategy & Consulting

By looking at what you have and where you want to be, we will help you better understand your digital requirements. We then build robust strategies around your business objectives and offer training, in-housing, technology and services to ensure you achieve them.

Design & Content

Without content, media is just empty space. That’s why we’ve established an in-house team of creative experts who specialise in bringing your brand message to life.

Data & Analytics

People go on digital journeys every day, our data department captures these journeys and find the patterns that tell the human stories. A perfect media strategy relies on data to drive it forward. We analyse media channels as well as site data to help provide accurate return on investment and help make informed strategic decisions.


Audience Targeting

Using data to ensure media reaches the right demographics with the right interests. This means more effective advertising

Channel Agnostic

Channel agnostic media is media that goes where your brand needs to be. There are no preferred channels, instead we find the right channels for your business.

Organic Search

Nothing to do with farming practises and everything to do with whether your page is optimised to rank in search results.


Native Ads don’t look like ads, instead the fit the format of the media format in which they appear.

Paid Media

Refers to digital media where you pay for the placement and targeting. It forms a crucial pillar of your media strategy along with owned and earned media.


Programmatic media buying uses algorithms and business data to bid on and buy media in real time. This means it can reach relevant consumers at precisely the right time.


Short hand for “Pay Per Click”. You don’t pay for each impression but only when your ad or paid search result is clicked.


Page optimisation, link building and content creation to affect how your website ranks in organic search on Google (and other search engines).



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