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Road Accident Fund

Winner of 2019 MMA Smarties Bronze

Winner of 2019 MMA Smarties Bronze

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The Road Accident Fund (RA?F) provides ??compuls?or?y c?over to? all users of South African roads against injuries or death sustained from accidents involving motor vehicles. The RAF wanted to bring awareness to just how dangerous the roads can be. Yearly, approximately 1 Million road accidents are reported in SA. The majority of these accidents are caused by human factors- with 40 people fatally injured and 20 people permanently disabled. It is estimated that more than two-thirds (66%) of South Africa’s learners walk to school and back everyday. Many of whom never complete their journey. The objective: To bring awareness to 1 million drivers of the dangers they present to millions of children who walk to school on a daily basis through the national campaign: “Don’t take a life before it has begun.”


The most audience-rich database in the country is Facebook. With 21 million active users, of whom 19 million access it off their phones, Facebook is the most accurate and cost-effective way to utilise audience data innovatively to reach real people.


We created a custom audience on Facebook for every urban-dwelling male in South Africa between 18 and 40 years old as they are statistically most likely to cause an accident. Along with this custom audience, we combined 3 years’ worth of RAF first-party data that we’d accumulated. In order to create a specific audience pool in order to achieve our goal. Knowing that 19 million South Africans access Facebook on mobile, we targeted phones first thing in the morning, between 5 and 9 am – on weekdays before the daily commute begins. This gave us the opportunity to plant the seed for a behavioural shift for the rest of the day.



These are the results achieved directly through the efforts of Mark1 and Mark1 Labs.

1,7 million

people reached – 70% higher than the target

4 million


10 622



10 x cheaper than the global benchmark

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