Case Study

Pepsi – Win like a baller

Pepsi- Winner of 2019 MMA Smarties Bronze &
2 X Winner of 2019 DMA Assegai Bronze

Pepsi- Winner of 2019 MMA Smarties Bronze & 2 X Winner of 2019 DMA Assegai Bronze


We needed to leverage Pepsi Global’s sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League locally to a soccer audience who aren’t necessarily interested in the Champions League.


Whilst local fans don’t have a huge interest in Champions League, they are fascinated by the highly paid footballers who play in it and the lifestyle they lead.


To create a promotional campaign that would be interesting to just about anyone, we decided to give away one hour of a pro footballer’s salary – a whopping R200,000.

The R200k promotion was turned into an exploration of what you could buy with that large sum of money that would add a little bit of excitement and joy to the lives of your friends and fellow supporters. Rather than just talking about it, we actually gave these items away. Every week for 13 weeks. In order to be eligible for one of the weekly prizes or the grand prize, fans just had to use a simple USSD entry mechanic. We used all forms of social media to relay the message of the new prize.

The digital strategy incorporated mobile-first programmatic media buying as an Always-On and awareness component with re-marketing of weekly prizes. On top of that were social media bursts which made use of mobile-first formats, such as vertical video, allowing us to publicise the new winners, the new prizes as well as the global Champion.

We used Facebook for its data reach audiences which allowed us to target people based on their interests and locations whilst ensuring we advertise to them when and where they are most likely to engage.

Through Facebook we added Instagram as a placement, this allowed us to communicate time-sensitive and easily consumable information. For instance, we utilised Instagram Stories to update our audience on our weekly prizes and weekly winners- this isn’t content that needs to be seen more than once and therefore serves no purpose on the Pepsi timelines.

We took over Twitter on key game nights, with a promoted trend. We then got involved in the stream of commentary with humorous posts which brought our campaign to life, which included relevant moments happening in the game. We also hosted watch evenings, which were attended by some of the biggest names in SA football history. They ended up being events big enough to be picked up by key media.

The campaign was so loved by the Pepsi team, it was rolled out in other African countries as well.



These are the results achieved directly through the efforts of Mark1 and Mark1 Labs.


Increase in sales

(165,000 cases to 350,000 cases) with demand outstripping distribution


From 0.8% Increase in market share

86 Million

Impressions across all channels

56 Million

Digital impressions




Twitter engagement rate

2.5x the benchmark for the CPG vertical

230,000 entries

30,000 more than target


Positive online sentiment

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