Case Study


Campaign: Absa Mega U
Channel: Mobile Rich Media
Dates: 1 July- 15 Aug 2016

Campaign: Absa Mega U
Channel: Mobile Rich Media
Dates: 1 July- 15 Aug 2016

Cutting edge HTML5, to load in low bandwidth regions. Highly engaging Ad unit, kept user’s attention for 20 Seconds (the Global Benchmark is 8 Sec on Ad Unit).Campaign results were above the global benchmarks for the banking and finance industry, indicating users enjoyed spending time interacting with the brand.

The Ad met all of Base 2’s objectives.

*All benchmarks are from Celtra Q3/4 Insights.


    1. To connect with the target audience on a platform that they are most frequently on and comfortable in, in order to evoke action.
    2. To use mobile media in an innovative way to inform the target audience about the four main perks that the account includes.
    3. To make at least 15 000* South African youths aware of the Absa Mega U Account, through digital channels between 1 July- 15 Aug 2016.

*This figure is based on at least achieving the global expansion rate of 0,76% for the 1,9 Million bought impressions.

Concept & Strategy

Use mobile rich media to gamify the user’s brand experience and learning phase, to get the younger target audience engaging with the brand.
Create an interface that resembles an app so it is comfortable and familiar for young people to engage with.
We then opted to serve the majority of the ads (70%), in an app environment instead of on mobile web, to continue the familiarity.


A rich media ad unit, utilizing cutting edge HTML5, that loads quickly in low bandwidth regions and features an innovative stack of 10 second videos. Each high- lighting a different perk of the account, which the user can swipe away on completion in order to watch the next video.

Furthermore, programmatically using geo-location and historical data, we were able to accurately reach the right audience.

The numbers

These are the results achieved directly through the efforts of Mark1 and Mark1 Labs.

36 350

People Expanded The Ad Unit

(Expansion Rate 2,15%, Global Benchmark 0,76%)

20 Sec

Time On Unit

(Global Benchmark 11Sec)


Unit Enagagement Rate

(Global Benchmark 9.44%)


Video Completion Rate


Mark1’s programmatic offering seems to be unrivaled in the local market. Not only do they have access to all of the important DSP’s their service and knowledge is top class. They offer strategic input and add value on a constant basis. I have worked with them in a number of campaigns and benchmarked their results against others offering similar programmatic services – in all cases Mark1’s results were far superior.

Moti Grauman

Ex-Head of Digital

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