Make the most out of your next campaign’s creative strategy with DV360’s Format Gallery

Launched in 2018 within Google Display & Video 360 (DV360), Format Gallery is a one-stop-shop for designing, producing and managing all your ads. This powerful, albeit highly underrated tool, allows for innovative and easy ad creation.

Creative is one of the most crucial components of your campaign and in the modern world where users can feel bombarded with ads, it is more challenging than ever for a brand to stand out. One solution to this is the use of interactive rich media formats. Format Gallery can be used to build and deliver ads that offer the best user experiences while driving results for your business.

Let’s take a look at formats included within Format Gallery:

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Interactive rich media formats will help you improve your ad engagement and in turn increase brand affinity by leaving a lasting impact on the minds of the consumer. According to ClickZ, “rich media ads can generate up to a 1 000% increase in ad interactions, making engagement rate 6 times higher than standard display ads”. Adding these formats into your creative strategy will increase ad visibility, conversions, CTR’s and view rates. This is great news for branding campaigns. They cut through the so-called “banner blindness” and can influence brand recall and recognition.

The simple truth is that these formats will grab user attention, and since they’re mobile-friendly it is incredibly simple to refresh creatives or to A/B test what resonates with your targeted audience.

It is important to note that these formats can also be served dynamically, i.e. you can engage with different segments of your audience in the way they prefer, at the most suitable time. It enables us to serve ads that are enhanced by data, in a personalized way. A simple example of this would be user X in Johannesburg being served a different ad to user Y in Cape Town.

If you’re still not convinced that this is the right move for your brand, here comes the best part: Mark1’s experienced programmatic traders will orchestrate your strategy for you alongside our in-house design team.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you gain the competitive edge by delivering your brand message in a more creative way.

Pieter Brink,?Head of Programmatic at?Mark1